Ghetto Ranch Chicken

May 24, 2008

Yes.  You heard me.  Ghetto.  Last night I couldn’t figure out what to cook,  I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything stove-top, so I settled on baking.

I had bought these “thin chicken breasts” the other day, they were about due to be used, getting close to the expiration date.  Now when I say thin, I mean like THIN.  Eh.

In the pan they went.  I kept looking at my options in the fridge… not much of a selection.  Been broke for a month or so, so my condiments, oils, and small veggies (ie peppers) had slowly diminished.  Ah ha!  Ranch.  Mmm.  So I covered the chicken in pepper and garlic powder, and then put just enough ranch to coat the top.  In the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.  The last few minutes I decided to put a slice of swiss cheese on top.  Melted goodness.

It actually turned out quite well.  Served with Garlic Butter Aspargus (pan seared), and Mashed Potatoes.  Yum.  My husband has requested it again… go figure, the least put together, spur of the moment meal he likes the best.


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