Cheap GF Beef Sandwich

February 29, 2008

I bought a package of “Steak-ummms” the other day.  They’re just frozen steak slices (think italian beef).  I was starving and sick of eating chips all week (I refuse to cook a full blown meal if it’s just me) and figured what the hell, I’ll experiment.  I pan seared some of my gluten free bread (flax seed to be precise) with a little butter, seared the slices of steak (they’re paper thin, so I did two) put them on the bread with a little cheese, nuked that sucka for 15 secs to melt the cheese.  A huge dallop of sour cream on the side and wallah! The best tasting sandwich (and most filling) I’ve had in a LONG TIME.  Just thought I’d share, I’m mighty proud of myself for not eating chips and cheese again.


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