I’m back!

February 23, 2008

Wow, I went poof for a little while. Things got really crazy at my house, my husband’s hours are getting ready to change, my daughter has been a demon since her teeth came/are coming in!

Anyways, things have been going better with this Gluten-Free diet.   There are benefits (other than health) from it too!  I actually enjoy cooking dinner now, I figure things out from scratch and try new things out!  My husband seems pretty happy with it too, originally he was complaining.

Oh and to those of you out there who Lo Lo Love restaurants… go to Uno’s Pizzeria!  They have a wonderful gluten-free menu.  I had the Chicken Cheesy one (lol I don’t remember the real name) and was really really impressed.  It was actually far better than most normal restaurant choices.  They even owned up to a mistake, some server (not our own) brought out our food, mine with a bread-stick.  I immediately went to the manager and they re-cooked the entire meal for me.   I apologized for being such a pain and the manager said ” Don’t worry about it, it’s your health, we don’t want you getting sick on our accord”.  Needless to say I’ll be back!

Made new discoveries too!  More or less figured out what I can have out of the things I thought were completely off limits!  Good for tummy stuffs:  Starbucks (minus anything with java/mocha chips, and two teas), Lays Stax chips (oh the chip goodness), sodas, certain soups, and Trader Joe’s sells the most excellent chocolate cake (even better than gluten-containing) I have ever tasted!

I also crossed paths with another Celiac a month ago (and then again last Saturday).  I went to a local bar, and was in a bad mood.  I still don’t have drinks down, so I don’t ever know what to order.  I used to be a beer drinker but obviously that’s out.  So I go up to the bar and start explaining to one bartender that I need to see the label of one of the mixes.  She looks at me and asks straight out “Are you a Celiac?”  Turns out she’s been a celiac since she was 5!  So needless to say she gave me the run down on the drinks, and made me some yummy stuff.  Even has a secret stash of hard cider for Celiacs!  So my husband and I have a new spot for our date nights!!

Alright, that’s enough for now .


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