What to eat, what to eat?

January 1, 2008

I never thought that deciding what to eat for breakfast would be so difficult.  Usually I’d just go to the cupboard and grab a random cereal or a bagel with cream cheese, now since I haven’t converted my cupboards to completely Gluten-Free I have to read every label and contemplate “unknown ingredients/chemicals”.  I have plenty of fresh fruit to eat, but damnit I’m a carbohydrate person in the morning.  I NEED MY BREAD.

So I guess there was a small victory in Gluten-Free eating last night.  Dh and I had (Rice Grain) Spaghetti with Organic Red Sauce and put some Garlic and Cheese on the “Playdoh” Bread.  Wasn’t half bad… the bread still needed work, but the spaghetti was actually decent.  I wish we had more sauce, we used too much meat.   So one more point for me.


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